Now That I Have the Time, Where Do I Express My Creativity?

For many people making a living takes up a significant portion of their time. Forty hours a week was a standard for many full time jobs. The workplace has transformed dramatically over the last several decades. Many people now have more time to be creative and to become fully self expressed. A fully expressed life is not about being active, it’s more about your games or projects, the environment you live in and your whole life being a mirror image of who your are and what matters to you. If this appeals to you it may be the time to explore self expression opportunities.

Community education is an invaluable resource for finding opportunities for self expression. In my local community education catalog I find a wide variety of interests I can check out. It is also a beneficial resource because the prices are reasonable and time investment is minimal. Here you have the possibility of getting an introduction to a variety of activities. If dance is an area in which you want to explore self expression,there are several choices; Latin dance, African dance along with belly, Salsa and other dance offerings. These classes are intended to be introductions, therefore the time investment is for two hours a week for six weeks. This provides an opportunity to try as many varieties of dance as you have the time and energy to partake. I tried an acting class and found I liked acting but I didn’t care for memorizing lines. Then I tried a class on Improv, which is unscripted acting and I fell in love with this form of self expression and soon I wanted to perform in front of an audience. Community ed has a wide variety of offerings; cooking,computer skills, physical fitness, recreation and the Arts and much more. Some are seasonal,like skiing and ice skating which are not offered in the summer.

The second benefit of community education is that it is affordable. Looking through the catalog, I found most most six week classes between thirty and thirty five dollars. For my improv class that was six weeks the cost was thirty five dollars. Not bad for 12 hours of instruction and practice in self expression. In addition to these already low prices they have a senior discount. This means that if you are 55 years of age or beyond you get a 50% discount. This makes these classes available to people who may be on a fixed income. Sometime there is a small additional cost for printed material but, in my experience it has never been over five dollars.

In summary more and more people are interested in becoming fully self expressed. Community education is an excellent resource for introductions to a huge variety of offerings for anyone to explore. In addition these introductions are minimally priced and discounted for people 55 plus years in age. Self expression is all about your life mirroring who you are and what matters to you. Go online and explore the community education offerings in your city today.